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Wendy's Reading Room

                  WRR Testimonials


"My son was struggling in 1st grade, reading was difficult for him. But after spending time with Wendy he is not only reading above his grade level, but has also qualified for the HiCap program. His ability to explore the world through the written word has opened up thanks to her."  Tom L.   


"My son Will is a bright and eager learner, but he was failing to learn at the speed his classroom was learning.  We were referred to Wendy’s Reading Room and Will went from a below standard student to a 4 on his Standardized State Test!  Not only did Wendy help Will to succeed she became his mentor and friend.  Wendy’s style of teaching reached the fire inside Will and has helped him to become confident in his reading and writing.  Wendy is patient, loving and creative and her students benefit from there time with her.  Hiring Wendy was a gift to Will that will keep on giving as he grows as a student and member of society."   Danielle Acay


"Our daughter worked with Wendy for about 18 months.  With the strategies that Wendy taught her she was able to far exceed our hopes.  It was amazing to watch her work with our language in a unique and foundational way that allowed our daughter to build on what she was learning each week. She grew 4 grade levels in reading and is no longer a reluctant reader, but a confident straight A student!"  Shannon E.


"It became apparent that my daughter couldn't read in second grade.  She hated school.  I had a teacher tutor her for a year, which didn't help.  We thought she may have dyslexia, so I started doing some research and found Wendy.  Wendy transformed my daughter's life.  She is dedicated, enthusiastic and loves teaching children the skills they need.  After one year with Wendy my daughter had developed the skills to successfully read with comprehension.  My daughter now is getting above average test scores and demonstrates a much higher level of confidence.  I am so thankful for having found Wendy."   Kelly L.


"A child who loves to read – I could not ask for a greater gift for my child!  My son started tutoring with Wendy at the beginning of first grade, when it was clear dyslexia was making reading a challenge for him. Through weekly meetings and nightly homework, my young son’s abilities and confidence grew step by step. Wendy’s individualized course met my son’s unique needs and adjusted to new stages and difficulties as she assessed my son’s progress and updated his exercises. Now he is reading above grade level and is successful in his school’s highly capable program. He knows reading won’t be as easy or as fast as he would like, but he loves to read every day and that is a tremendous gift that Wendy helped nurture."   Katherine


Wanted to share a moment that Q and I had last night. He and I were reading the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book last night. Previously I had to fight him just to read the “cartoon” sections of the book. Last night we originally agreed I would read the even pages and he would read the odd pages. Then in the middle of one of “my”
Hi Wendy,
pages he started reading, took the book out of my hands and just kept going! He eventually realized what he had done and renegotiated that he would read 2 pages and I would read 3. When it was time to stop, he said “Just a couple more pages and I’ll read them.”
Just thought you would like to know. Thank you so very much for helping him, your work is so important and makes an incredible difference in the lives of your students and their parents.    Kindest regards,   Kim


"Wendy Shibuya is a unique and talented individual.  She is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to her work. My son was struggling with dyslexia and reading.  Wendy was able to help my son read and have fun.  My son absolutely loves Wendy and wants to see her more. She lives a fair distance from our house, but the commute was completely worth it.  I highly recommend her for any child who needs extra help with reading."               Cynthia White MD


“Michael was only 6 when we started seeing Wendy for help with reading. Letters and letter sounds did not make any sense to Michael and as hard as I tried, I could not help him.                          was a great program for us because it gave me the tools to help Michael at home and it gave Michael the ability to read anything, not just memorize sight words. When he started first grade he was below grade level in reading and comprehension, but by the end of first grade he had not only caught up, he was soaring! Teachers and reading specialists were asking me what we had done- Wired for Reading really worked for Michael!  Michael learned how to read and write during his time with Wendy. More importantly, Wired for Reading and Wendy gave him the confidence to be a student. He does not hesitate to pick up a new book, ask questions in class, or design a rocket for a science project because he has learned that by focusing and working hard- he can do it!”   Kelly Mullin  


"Wendy did an amazing job of giving our son a solid foundation in reading and I can’t say enough good things about her. She is passionate about what she does and it shines through in her work, it certainly did with our son. Our son is now a very proficient reader and absolutely LOVES to read in his free time. Wendy's tutoring gave him confidence in reading and has really jump-started him into having a love for books."  Laura M.


Hi Wendy,

I know that we moved to Florida over a year ago- and I apologize for not writing sooner- but I was thinking about you today and thought that you might like to hear how Lauren is doing since we left Washington. You'll be pleased to know that she has earned all A's and B's in reading so far in 3rd grade. She is not behind at all- in fact at this point she has read more books than anyone else in her class.


I really don't think that any of this would have happened without your help-I think Wired for Reading is a great program and we both thought that you were absolutely wonderful….. so thank you! Sydney Glazener


"Wendy, thanks for your wonderful "reading room."  You have done a great job at creating an environment that is unconditionally supportive and stimulating.  It's made a big difference in how Owen has accepted going to a tutor.  Thanks for everything!"  Sandra S.


"Our daughter, Sevilla, was in first grade when we started to realize that she wasn’t reading and writing at the same pace as her peers. We guessed that she might have dyslexia so we had her tested over the summer between 1st and second grade. Getting the results back was scary and a relief all at the same time. We knew we couldn’t do it on our own and began to research all our options. By word of mouth we found Wendy and we are so, so, so thankful we did. She opened our daughter’s eyes to the wonderful world of “Wired for Reading” and everything began to click for Sevilla. Wendy is an amazing teacher and really engages the kids. She uses games, theater, music and stories to teach. Sevilla saw Wendy once a week for an hour, sometimes twice a week, for about 22 months. Wendy gave us the tools to help Sevilla and her teachers so they could help her at school. Sevilla is now reading chapter books, writing lengthy stories and her spelling has drastically improved. The self-confidence Wendy built in our daughter to tackle reading, writing and spelling is priceless!" Windy G.



I hope you are doing well. You are in our thoughts and conversations often. I just wanted to share with you that last night Jayger was awarded an academic excellence award in Language Arts. We are so proud of her. I think it was awarded because her teacher knows how hard she works and that it doesn’t come easy to her. She has gotten an “A” in Language Arts the entire year. She hands work in early to have it edited by her teacher. Her teacher is wonderful.  We are very proud of her. She is so responsible. We are also very thankful to you for all the skills and confidence you gave her over the time that you worked with her. We will forever be grateful. She asked me to email you to tell you that she won the award.  Thank you, Lisa A.



I was talking to my sister yesterday about A’s reading journey.  It brought up old feelings of how helpless I felt back in 2nd/3rd grade, when he was struggling with spelling.  He really had no idea what to do with the sounds, let alone the spelling.  Not only did I feel helpless, but I was also completely baffled... How could he not know what sounds that letters make?  We'd done everything "right"- read lots of books and talked to him all the time since he was a baby, went to library storytime and "mommy and me music and movement" classes (which expose kids to rhymes and all the right language building blocks).  And what could I possibly tell him about how to choose a letter to write for the /k/ sound?  "Stupid English!" I silently shouted. 


Wendy, I could see him trying to figure things out and then getting so frustrated, even angry.  As you know, that was the basis for his low self-esteem which had started turning into a depression. Seriously, before we started with you, he looked confused and anxious when it came to reading/writing.  A's confidence is still growing, and he still likes to give this "I don't care about reading" persona but wow, he really does know how to read/spell better today!  Now he has knowledge and tools to get him there.  I am so grateful for you and the Wired program. Anyway, I'd almost forgotten how rough that time was until sharing it with my sister. Now, while he still doesn't enjoy reading (yet), I can see him accessing his "brain files" to do it.  It's amazing to watch, even if he's not ready to admit how much he's learned.   And I personally feel more empowered to help him, too.  Thank you!  VS



Thank you so much for giving my baby girl a chance to learn to read in a way that makes sense in her brain.  You really have a very special skill that we feel honored to have shared in.  You will be with her forever as she cracks open each book or types up an email.  Our family is very thankful to you. We will miss you very much!  Morgan O.


Hi Wendy,

I wanted to share this with you.  It looks like all Dylan's hard work over the past 3 years has paid Thanks Jilloff, since he will be moving to Honors Language Arts.  I'm super excited for him.  Thanks for all your help in getting him here.  This was our goal to help him get to this level…….Jill


We appreciate everything you have done so much, your time, patience, understanding and gentle way with Eva has been an indescribable blessing in our lives.  You have made such an impact and difference in the way that Eva is able to learn!  You have gone above and beyond and are an amazing person!  We don’t even have the words to thank you enough.    Brittany and David

Dear Wendy,

I’d like to say thank you for all that you have done for me.  You have helped me to get ‘A’s in reading and writing.  You have helped me to learn to love reading and lastly you have made it all fun!  I don’t think it would be possible for me to have done all that without you. 

Thank you, from your student Mallory

PS  Thank you

PPS You are the best

PPS I’ll miss you



Just wanted to say hello. We still call Wednesdays, Wendy Wednesdays! The main reason I am reaching out is to thank you and give you a quick update on Ian. He has graduated out of the IEP program at school, and is now above grade level and excelling at a very fast pace, so much so they think next year he might be in the gifted program. I have no doubt that this is in large part due to our early intervention and getting you!! Wendy, you were so very kind, supportive and extraordinarily patient - you were and are such a blessing for us! There is no doubt that this would have been a much longer process and much more of a struggle without you. I learned just as much as my son and have gained improvements in my own life as well, which I certainly wasn't expecting. Again you are nothing short of amazing!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!    Diane and Ian



I just wanted to share with you that Justin tested at a reading level of 7th grade, 6th month!  I held back tears of joy.  I had no idea he improved so much.  Thank you so much.  So many words on his spelling test are long Latin words, but with all the study of suffixes and flipping and flopping vowels, he is able to successfully spell most words on his first practice attempt.  He devoured Rick Riordan books all summer.  He was constantly reading.  His teacher said his fluency is “fine” as if there was never an issue just six months before.  I didn’t tell her anything about Justin’s tutoring.  They write quite a bit. This has been a challenge for Justin, but he is recognizing his misspelled words and able to do his own careful edit!  All his hard work, plus his new found joy of reading have helped him so much. I can even pronounce words I didn’t know so much more successfully now, and my spelling has vastly improved.  Justin and I both learned so much and want to thank you!  A


Hi Wendy
I hope all is well! I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that reading comprehension and spelling are officially off of Eva’s IEP at school!! She is in 6th grade now and her teachers listed reading as one of her personal strengths 😁 Time flies, but we still refer back to the skills you taught her (and me!) and I know we would not be where we are without your interventions and help!! Thank you!!!! 
Take care!! Brittney J.


Thank you doesn’t seem like enough to say.  You gave me light in some of my darkest days.  This learning difference was/is a new learning curve for Tristen and I, but with your guidance and skill level we have seen growth beyond our wildest dreams.  I will forever be grateful for you.  Tonya



“It makes such a difference,” said Pooh, “to have someone who believes in you.”  How can I possibly thank you for all you’ve done for us these past three years?  You’ve given Jeff the gift of reading and I will be forever grateful. Keren

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